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How much does Fidelity pay their interns?

Fidelity International Ltd is a distinguished and leading financial services company that offers comprehensive services relating to investing: For individual investors and their advisers Fidelity provides guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost-effective way, and for institutions including pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

Fidelity helps you develop your skills over the course of a summer internship and gain valuable experience in the asset management industry. You’ll also have the chance to potentially earn yourself a place in one of our graduate programs.

Thus, Fidelity has made available internship programs in; Equity Research, equity research team make investment decisions, and also meets with company management, speaks to their customers, competitors, suppliers, and industry experts to fully understand their chances of success or failure, and to forecast how their share price is likely to evolve over the coming years.

The internship is also available in Fixed Income, the team manages debt securities in a range of funds covering investment grade, high yield, emerging market debt, hybrids and money markets. 

Multi-asset internship team research and decide on the best markets and funds to invest in, and you’ll learn how different asset classes behave.

Interestingly, Fidelity is more into who applicants are and what they can do. However to qualify for any of the internship programs you’ll need to be in the penultimate year of your degree, graduating in 2023 and available to complete 10 weeks of full-time work this coming summer (exact dates are still TBC).

Also, possess a variety of qualities like; good communication skills, independent thinking, a flair for numbers, a thirst for knowledge, articulate and persuasive, also have a personal drive.

How much does Fidelity pay their interns?

Interns at Fidelity International Ltd earn approximately $18.84 per hour on average in the United States which is 32% above the national average.


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