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How much does Facebook internship pay?

The launch of Facebook in 2004 had a profound impact on society. It is a publicly listed firm with a market value of billions of dollars and is regarded as the top social networking site in the world.

In order to update their statuses, post photos, communicate with friends, and send messages through their websites, more than a billion individuals frequently log on to Facebook.

Given the popularity of Facebook, working there as an intern is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your résumé.

Although Facebook has offices all across the world including in the US, the majority of interns work out of its Menlo Park, California, headquarters.

Internships with a focus on Design, Monetization, Product Management, Infrastructure, Marketing, IT & Security, User Experience, Data & Analytics, Online Operations, and Software Engineering are offered and last for 12 weeks.

It’s no secret that the 12-week positions at Meta or Facebook are among the prestigious internships with the highest salary, making them exceedingly tough to obtain.

How much does Facebook internship pay?

A Facebook intern takes home about $8,000 in salary per month. Facebook is one of the companies that pay interns well.

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