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How much do Spotify interns make?

The Spotify internship program aims to provide students with the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the music industry. In a variety of departments, including Product, Engineering, and Marketing, they provide internships.

They are looking for people that are keen to take on new challenges, highly driven, inventive, and have a major impact. Student interns with enthusiasm, talent, and a desire to work at Spotify have been sought after.

This is a unique opportunity to work with a forward-thinking company and get practical knowledge in the music and IT industries. All academic levels and fields of study are welcome to submit applications for the internship program.

An internship with Spotify is a terrific choice for those who love music and technology. The program offers a unique blend of real-world experience and professional development.

Given how swiftly Spotify is growing, interns will have the chance to learn and develop at a really exciting time.

How much do Spotify interns make?

Interns at Spotify are compensated in the range of $24 to $63 per hour. This equates to $63,708 to $362,923 a year for an intern. Spotify is one of the highest-paying avenues for interns

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