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How much do Johnson and Johnson MBA interns get paid?

When you work as an intern at Johnson & Johnson, you’ll get the chance to work on important projects and initiatives and get practical experience that will advance both your professional and personal development.

Throughout your 10 to 12 weeks of experience, you’ll work as a dynamic team member to put your skill set to use while contributing to initiatives that have demonstrable, real-world effects.

We are seeking motivated individuals who are prepared to immediately and quantitatively change the world and bring new concepts, goods, and services to existence. In order to better the lives and health of people everywhere, we need your assistance.

While there are many places to do this, Johnson and Johnson is not one of them. Here, you’ll put your abilities to use in a welcoming and cooperative setting while dealing with groups of teams and organizational leaders.

How much do Johnson and Johnson MBA interns get paid?

Johnson and Johnson MBA Interns make $56,000 per year, or $27 per hour, which is 24% less than the $71,000 per year average wage for all MBA Interns nationwide and 16% less than the average salary for all employed Americans.

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