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How much do Google interns make?

It is constantly recommended for technical students to do an internship at Google because it is the most popular search engine worldwide and will help them advance their technological knowledge.

The nicest thing about Google internships is that they provide people with opportunities all across the world.

With a heavy emphasis on programming, Google provides paid internship opportunities for technical students worldwide. Every year, the stipend amount changes, although it typically hovers around $3000.

Because the Google internship program exposes applicants to the creation of open-source software, many applicants apply. Working with a mentor from one of the participating firms, the intern gains knowledge of real software development practices.

Additionally, students get a generous stipend that enables them to fully enjoy their summer vacation. Students receive a Google certificate in addition to the aforementioned advantages, which they may utilize on their resumes.

How much do Google interns make?

The average hourly compensation for a Google intern in the US is about $26.00. This is 82% more than the national average.

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