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How much do Disney software engineer interns make?

The Walt Disney company better known as Disney is an American multinational mass media and entertainment giant founded on the 16th of October 1923. The company was founded by the Walt and Roy O Disney brothers. It was called the Disney brothers cartoon by then.

The company is known for its quality of products, service social responsibility, people management and global competitiveness. However, the company still embraces values such as the best human qualities and also inspires everyone to try harder.

Every year the company gives opportunities to university students with computer science backgrounds and foundations in software engineering and computer programing. The internship program helps participants get on-the-job experience while working at Disney parks and resorts.

The Disney internship program allows students to take part in learning opportunities and also live in a college setting with other interns from around the world.  The internship program offers an extremely rewarding experience for students to learn and earn.

Today we will discover the amount a software engineer at Disney makes. Stick around for more details.

How much does a Disney software intern make?

On average a software intern at Disney makes about $25/hr. This will translate to about $750 a month

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