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How many interns does Facebook hire?

Facebook hires interns from dozens of nations and hundreds of colleges. In dozens of nations and hundreds of colleges, Facebook hires interns. It makes sense to attend the event and, if you can, speak with the recruiters in person as data reveals that more than 40% of those interviewed first encountered Facebook there.

Whatever your area of expertise, there will be internships available in engineering, technology and art, and business.

When looking for a fantastic career, having internships from Facebook on your CV is a terrific approach to standing out from the competition.

How many interns does Facebook hire?

More than 1000 interns are hired by Facebook each summer, distributed across 64 offices throughout the world. San Francisco, Seattle, and New York are the three main locations for internships.

Although the Facebook summer internship is very competitive, it provides numerous of benefits and top-notch job experience. Take advantage of the opportunity to intern at Facebook if you have the chance to further your career!

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