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How long is Citadel internship?

Citadel is one of the top alternative investment managers. The company manages almost all of the capital of some of the prominent private, public and non-profit institutions around the world.

The company seeks to make the best use of the investor’s capital to deliver the best results and contribute to broader economic growth.

For the past 30 years, the company has created an environment of learning and collaboration among some of the most talented, accomplished professionals and students from various colleges and universities.

Citadel offers internships which allow students to gain incredible opportunities to learn new roles and start a rewarding career while they are still on their academic journey.

The purpose of the citadel internship program

The internship is to help students gain practical work experience to help them enhance their skills as they explore various career options. The internship program usually complements the student’s classroom studies and also helps match their interests.

If you are planning to intern at Citadel you might want to know the duration of their internship program. Keep reading as we help you discover the duration of Citadel’s internship program.

How long is Citadel internship?

In most instances, the citadel internship program is usually eleven weeks. This allows students aspiring to engineering and looking for opportunities to learn more about the financial industry.





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