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How long does TTI Bursary take to respond?

The TTI Bursary South Africa is a program managed by TTI Bursary Management, a firm that assists large enterprises in providing bursaries to deserving students. Beneficiaries are South African students who are financially handicapped.

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This goes a long way to mean that if an applicant is not a citizen of South Africa, he or she cannot apply. There is be a background check to confirm the citizenship status of each applicant.

Below is a breakdown of what it offers:

  • Funding:

The TTI Bursary covers undergraduate studies and some postgraduate courses in public universities, Universities of Technology, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Agricultural colleges. It can be a full-cost bursary, including tuition, accommodation, study material, and a monthly meal or transport allowance.

How long does TTI Bursary take to respond?

There is no specific time for the TTI Bursary to respond. There various factors that affect their response:

  • Number of applications received: Getting to the peak application periods, it might take longer for the bursary committee to review each application thoroughly. That is why you have to apply as early as possible. Do not Wait till the deadline
  • Completeness of applications: Incomplete applications might require additional clarification or documentation, potentially delaying the response.
  • internal processes: The bursary committee might have specific internal procedures and timelines for reviewing and selecting awardees.

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