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How long does it take to hear back from Goldman Sachs internship?

One of the greatest ways to get a full-time offer at Goldman Sachs is to secure an internship there. The top students from all institutions compete each year for internships at Goldman Sachs as early as their sophomore year.

Whoever has a stellar portfolio, makes the most of networking opportunities, and nails the interview will unquestionably come out on top in such a competitive race.

Despite having a demanding workplace, Goldman Sachs attracts a lot of applicants because of its departure opportunities. In addition to the United States, Goldman’s reputation is well respected around the world.

Thus, recruiters from Bulge Bracket Banks are undoubtedly interested in an internship with Goldman Sachs.

Additionally, top achievers in the investment banking section might land jobs with prestigious companies like the largest private equity firms, hedge funds, or venture capital firms.

How long does it take to hear back from Goldman Sachs internship?

The hearing back period is not fixed. It varies. Ideally, a front office GS super day will typically get back to you within three days. However, some interns learned the news less than two hours after their interview, while others claim the waiting period might range from one week to one month.

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