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How long do Goldman Sachs interns work?

One of the greatest ways to get a full-time offer at Goldman Sachs is to secure an internship there. The top college students compete each year for internships at Goldman Sachs beginning in their sophomore year.

The candidate with the strongest portfolio, who makes the most of networking opportunities, and who aced the interview will undoubtedly come out on top in such a close race.

Many job hopefuls are attracted to Goldman Sachs despite its challenging environment because of its departure opportunities. Outside of the United States, Goldman is viewed well as well.

As a result, internships at Goldman Sachs are probably attractive to hiring managers at bulge-bracket banks. Entry-level positions at Goldman Sachs have stringent requirements, including top-tier students with strong academic records, work experience or internships at esteemed companies, and the capacity to pass the demanding recruitment process.

How long do Goldman Sachs interns work?

The Goldman Sachs internship program lasts for 8-10 weeks. The intern will be completely involved in all of the company’s daily operations throughout this time.

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