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How is Equal Justice Initiative Funded?

Established in 1989 by Bryan Stevenson, the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) deals with racial and economic injustice head-on. The EJI is an Alabama-based non-profit organization.

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It provides legal support to those wrongly convicted, unfairly sentenced, or denied justice. Through impactful cases and advocacy, EJI challenges the death penalty, excessive punishment, and systemic biases in the American legal system.

Apart from fighting legal battles, EJI educates the public about racial history through initiatives like the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

The EJI strives to break the cycle of injustice by supporting formerly incarcerated individuals and fostering dialogues about race and equality. By challenging the past and empowering the present, EJI marches towards a fairer future for all.

How is Equal Justice Initiative Funded?

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) receives funding from so many sources, including:

  • Foundations: Major funders include the Open Society Foundations, Google, and the Crimson Lion Foundation. Some of these foundations have committed significant multi-milliondollar grants to support EJI’s work. The operation of the EJI requires millions of dollars and these funding organizations are doing well in that regard.
  • Corporations: Big companies like Cisco, Coca-Cola, and Etsy have also contributed financially to EJI, mostly in response to specific events or movements advocating for racial justice.
  • Individuals: Individual donors play a pivotal role in EJI’s funding. Many individuals contribute through online platforms or recurring monthly gifts. The EJI encourages individual support through various campaigns and fundraising initiatives.
  • Government Grants: While not a primary source of income, EJI occasionally receives grants from government agencies for specific projects or initiatives aligned with its mission.
  • Merchandise sales: The organization sells books, clothing, and other merchandise inspired by its work, with proceeds contributing to its funding.

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