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How hard is it to get an internship at the FBI?

From August 15, 2022, through September 17, 2022, applications for the FBI Honors Internship Program are being accepted. The FBI Honors Internship Program expands the agency’s recruitment efforts in an effort to draw top-tier college students to help with its goal.

“Working with the FBI is a very fulfilling job that improves the safety and security of the United States. According to FBI New Orleans Special Agent in Charge Douglas A. Williams, Jr., “it’s a profession of service and unlike any other.

We’re searching for individuals in a variety of professions, but we’re most interested in those who wish to support our goal to defend the US Constitution and safeguard the American people.

For undergraduate and graduate students, the 10-week Honors Internship Program is a compensated summer internship. You’ll collaborate with FBI personnel at FBI headquarters or in one of our 56 field offices spread across the nation as you explore our interesting career opportunities.

While you’re here, you’ll encounter things that are exclusive to the FBI and be exposed to its distinct atmosphere and activities.

How hard is it to get an internship at the FBI?

Working as an FBI intern is difficult. Keeping track of when applications open is essential because internship applications often open up in the autumn. However, it requires a lot of time even if you are chosen.

You need to be at least 23 years old and a US citizen in order to work with the FBI. A bachelor’s degree is also required, and you ought to have some professional experience in a related industry.

Once you have everything you require you may use the FBI’s website to submit an online employment application. Fewer than 20% of candidates are accepted by the FBI, so having a great deal of experience outside of college will increase your chances.

What Makes You Ineligible to Work for the FBI?

You must follow the law if you want to work for the FBI. You must be drug-free, be able to pass a urine test, and not have engaged in any actions or activities that would have forced the overthrow of the US government.

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