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How do you intern at a football team?

The NFL is the world’s premier American football league and one of the most major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.

32 clubs from the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference make up the National Football League (NFL), professional American football league.

Before the 18-week NFL regular season, which runs from early September through early January and has each club playing 17 games while taking one bye week, there is a three-week preseason in August.

While working within certain departments, interns get knowledge in the business of professional football through speaker lectures, hands-on projects, and networking opportunities.

How do you intern at a football team?

An NFL internship has several advantages. Those interning with this company stand to get priceless experience, thrilling access, and a comprehensive understanding of how this sizable, internationally renowned sports business operates.

Additionally, interns receive visits, Q&A meetings with senior management, and even materials and one-on-one time for their very own projects.

Utilize Teamwork Online, the NFL’s official job listing website, to search and apply for internships in the league. The league and its individual teams offer career and internship positions, along with relevant information and application guidelines, here.

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