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How competitive are National Geographic Internships?

The National Geographic Society is a renowned non-profit organization that supports innovative thinkers and daring projects in the domains of exploration, research, storytelling, and education.

Although the nature of their internships varies, they are always focused on advancing research and educating people worldwide to come up with ideas for a healthier and more sustainable future.

The National Geographic Society is an astute international company that is driven by quality, passion, and purpose.

They provide a competitive and extensive benefits package that includes substantial paid time off, paid parental leave, adoption help, health insurance, wellness initiatives, and more. Inclusion, diversity, and equity are the cornerstones of all they do.

How competitive are National Geographic Internships?

In spite of the fact that National Geographic Internships are categorically open to a wide range of individuals, It is quite difficult to get in since the number of people seeking internships is quite voluminous.

After meeting the eligibility criteria, you still have to be extremely lucky to get in.

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