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How competitive are Facebook internships?

The introduction of Facebook in 2004 left a significant mark on the world. It is recognized as the best social networking site on the globe and is a publicly-traded company with a market value of billions of dollars.

More than a billion people regularly log on to Facebook to update their statuses, upload photographs, interact with friends, and send messages through their sites.

Facebook is well-known, so working there as an intern is a great way to improve your resume.

Despite having locations all around the US and the globe, Facebook’s main office and where the bulk of interns work is in Menlo Park, California.

There are internships available that last 12 weeks and have a focus on Design, Monetization, Product Management, Infrastructure, Marketing, IT & Security, User Experience, Data & Analytics, Online Operations, and Software Engineering.

Some interns claim to make more than $6,000 a month, plus housing costs, from these gigs, which are highly lucrative.

How competitive are Facebook internships?

Facebook internships are very competitive. It goes without saying that the 12-week Meta or Facebook internships are among the prestigious internships that pay very well and are consequently quite tough to acquire.

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