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Greece Student Visa Interview Questions 2024

Considering Greece for your studies? That’s fantastic. While the success rate for Greece student visas is high, preparation is key to ensuring a smooth interview process.

This post is your guide to common Greece student visa interview questions and answers.

Greece Student Visa Interview Questions

While genuineness plays a crucial role in securing your visa, remember that preparation is equally important. Here’s how to strike a balance.  Avoid scripted or rehearsed responses that appear unnatural. Speak confidently and honestly, and your application’s legitimacy will shine through.

1. Tell me about yourself:

Briefly introduce yourself without unnecessary details. Focus on conveying your name and purpose for the interview.

2. Which institution will you be attending?

Why did you choose them? Be prepared to discuss your chosen institution in detail. Highlight aspects that resonate with you (e.g., specific program offerings, reputation, faculty expertise). Briefly mentioning the institution’s ranking can add value to your response.

3. Why did you choose to study in Greece?

Express your genuine interest in Greece and its academic landscape. Research and speak about aspects that appeal to you, such as specific programs, cultural immersion, or historical significance. Avoid generic statements.

4. What motivated you to choose this specific course?

Demonstrate your research and understanding of the course and its broader context in Europe. Explain your interest in the field, drawing connections to past experiences, career aspirations, or specific industry trends (e.g., “I chose this MBA program because it focuses on entrepreneurship, aligning perfectly with my goal of following in my parent’s footsteps and launching my own business”).

5. Do you have any family or friends residing in Greece?

Honesty is paramount. If you have family or friends in Greece, briefly mention them and your relationship. However, avoid implying that this connection influences your study visa application. If you have no connections in Greece, simply state the truth.

6. What is the address and website of your university?

Be prepared to share your university’s complete address, including postal code and website. This demonstrates attentiveness and familiarity with your chosen institution. You can find this information on official documents or the university website.

7. Discussing your financial situation:

Be prepared to explain your source of funding for your studies. If your parents are sponsoring you, provide clear documentation like bank statements. For other cases, ensure you have supporting documents ready if necessary. Briefly highlight key points about your financial situation to paint a clear picture.

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8. Sharing your plans:

Approach: Avoid implying any intention to stay beyond your studies. Focus on highlighting your future career goals and how your education aligns with them.

Example: “After graduation, I plan to return to my home country and pursue a career in [your field]. My studies in Greece will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to [achieve specific goals] and contribute significantly to [your desired industry].

9. Highlighting your reasons for choosing Greece:

Focus on positive aspects: Emphasize the academic benefits, cultural immersion, and unique learning environment offered by Greece. You can mention:

  • Academic strength: “Greece boasts reputable universities offering high-quality education in my chosen field.
  • Cultural experience: “Studying in Greece allows me to immerse myself in its rich history and vibrant culture, fostering a well-rounded perspective.
  • Cost-effectiveness: “Greece offers a compelling combination of affordable tuition fees and living expenses compared to other European countries.


  • Focusing solely on cost benefits or ease of immigration.
  • Making unrealistic claims about solely using your studies for immediate work opportunities.

10. Clarifying your post-graduation plans:

Emphasize your eventual return: Clearly state your intention to return home after completing your studies.

Example: “Following graduation, I plan to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired in Greece to contribute positively to my home country in the field of [your field].

Optional: Briefly mention long-term career aspirations that connect back to your home country.

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