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Google internship salary

Google offers an intense internship program at its California, New York, Phoenix, and Seattle offices, as well as a variety of other foreign locations, to round out the well-known players in the field of computer science.

Some of the most influential Web work is done daily in Google offices, which are recognized as fun places and have shaped the way we discover data online every day.

Google internship

Interns easily fit into Google’s welcoming workplace culture and laid-back, friendly community attitude. They provide employment chances for developers, programmers, and software engineers.

Similar to Microsoft, they like to integrate their interns immediately into ongoing initiatives. This means that interns will work closely with many of the individuals responsible for the millions of searches that enable us all to carry out our daily tasks.

How to Apply:

Be prepared to explain any less-than-stellar scores or to emphasize any strong marks in pertinent courses when applying to Google because the company places a lot of importance on educational achievement.

Google internship salary

At Google, interns often commit to three months of full-time work, so after one summer, an intern making $6,000 per month would earn close to $20,000.




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