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Goldman Sachs internship Salary

An intern at Goldman Sachs has a rare opportunity to learn about the financial sector by working alongside professionals.

Goldman Sachs is the avenue for diverse investment opportunities for students. Some of the green areas for interns are the New Associate Program and New Analyst Program.

The New Associate Program and New Analyst Program are the entry points for final-year students into the investment banking sector. While the New Associate Program needs students with two to five years of experience and an advanced degree, the New Analyst Program is solely accessible to undergraduate students.

In addition to direct application, the Summer Program is another route to getting accepted into these programs.

Typically, students who excelled over the 10-week summer and were granted a Goldman Sachs internship position are automatically eligible for these Full-time Programs. They could even be given the chance without going through a rigorous application procedure.

Goldman Sachs internship Salary

Bulge bracket bank internships are well known for being the best-paid internships for students, and Goldman Sachs is no exception. The salary of an intern at Goldman Sachs is not the same for every intern.

It is strictly dependent on the role of the intern. However, no intern earns less than $85,000.

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