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Goldman Sachs internship acceptance rate

Securing an internship at Goldman Sachs is one of the best methods to receive a full-time offer there. Starting in their sophomore year, the best students from all colleges compete each year for internships at Goldman Sachs.

In such a tight competition, the winner will surely be the one with the strongest portfolio, who makes the most of networking possibilities, and who aced the interview.

Goldman Sachs draws a lot of candidates because of its exit chances while having a hard environment. Goldman’s reputation is well-regarded outside of the United States as well.

Therefore, Goldman Sachs internships are likely appealing to recruiters from Bulge Bracket Banks.

Top performers in the investment banking division may also get hired by famous organizations like the biggest hedge funds, private equity firms, or venture capital firms.

Goldman Sachs internship acceptance rate

The Goldman Sachs internship program is very competitive just like that of the big institutions. The acceptance rate at Goldman Sachs is 1.5%. That’s quite competitive.

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