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Georgia Innocence Project Internship

The Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) provides internship opportunities for law students, undergraduate students, and high school students who want to learn more about wrongful convictions and working to free innocent people from prison.

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Interns play a major role in GIP’s work, aiding with all aspects of case investigation and litigation.

Georgia Innocence Project Internship

  • Law student internships: Law student interns work on a specific case or group of cases. They conduct legal research, write legal documents, and prepare for litigation. Some law student interns may also be allowed to participate in court hearings.
  • Undergraduate student internships: Undergraduate student interns may assist with different tasks. They may assist in reviewing case files, conducting interviews, and researching potential witnesses. Some undergraduate student interns may also have the opportunity to work on public awareness campaigns.
  • High school student internships: High school student interns typically work on research projects or administrative tasks.

Benefits of Being a GIP Intern:

  • Garner valuable experience in the field of criminal justice
  • Learn about wrongful convictions and the work of innocent organizations
  • Work with attorneys and investigators on real-life cases
  • Make an impact in the lives of innocent people who have been wrongly convicted
  • Network with other professionals in the legal field

How to Apply

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