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FBI Honors Internship acceptance rate

Students will have access to several internship jobs in addition to a selection of work experience to enrol in. Three applicable examples are provided below for your use:

Lead Operations Assistant: In this role, you would be in charge of analyzing and processing actual data, managing all crisis and non-emergency correspondence, and more. You would also be responsible for dealing with intricate FBI database systems.

Administration & Program Analyst: This position’s main duty is to manage resources and programs. Other duties include keeping up with LQTU’s plans, activities, processes, and procedures.

The only goal of this trainee program for an evidence technician is to support, maintain, and learn how to collaborate with the FBI’s Medical Fraud Case Support Team.

For the express purpose of supporting, maintaining, and learning how to work with the FBI’s Health Care Fraud Case Help Desk, an evidence technician is needed.

Monitoring the surveillance for the Evidence Command Center processing HAZMAT evidence, and taking note of evidence at the field office are a few examples of the duties of this role.

FBI Honors Internship acceptance rate

20% or less is the average acceptance rate for internships. A minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 is required.

Do Interns at the FBI Get Hired?

The likelihood of an intern being employed with the FBI during their internship is high. Make sure you submit an application as soon as it becomes available in the autumn because they receive dozens of them.

The average rating is 20%, so you might or might not get in.

How Likely Is It That an FBI Internship Will Land in a Full-Time Position?

Your performance during the internship will determine your chances of landing a full-time job with the FBI. Nevertheless, there is a 25% possibility that you will be accepted or not.


A great way to learn about and experience public safety and criminal investigation is through an FBI internship. It’s a fantastic method to network with people who share your enthusiasm for this line of work.

What Does an FBI Intern Usually Concentrate On?

The main duty of an intern is to observe more seasoned FBI personnel in order to understand how to operate and function in this setting.

These are some of the tasks:

  • communication management
  • Sorting Prints
  • Perform research and generate ideas
  • Managing information, proof, and other aspects
  • various assignments were given by the manager
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