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FASSET Bursary South Africa Allowance

The FASSET Bursary Programme offers valuable financial support to students pursuing Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) fields in South Africa. The program is basically for deserving South African students.

The applicant has to demonstrate high academic grades, demonstrate academic needs among other requirements.

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FASSET Bursary South Africa Allowance

The exact monthly allowance can vary depending on individual circumstances and the specific year of award. The bursary covers the following expenses:

  • Accommodation: This might include rent for shared student housing, a residence room, or contributions towards family housing costs.
  • Meals: The allowance should be sufficient for healthy and nutritious meals throughout the month.
  • Transport: This may include bus tickets, bicycle maintenance, or contributions towards fuel if you own a vehicle.
  • Basic amenities: The bursary should cover necessities like electricity, water, and communication expenses.

Here’s how to find out the specific monthly allowance for your situation:

  • Contact the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI): They manage the FASSET Bursary Programme and can provide you with accurate information based on your circumstances and awarded scholarship amount. Contact them through their website: [](
  • You can also call the Bursary Enquiries line at +27 12 843 6097.
  • Consult your FASSET Bursary Award Letter: Once your application is successful, you will receive an official letter indicating the total bursary amount and any details regarding the monthly allowance breakdown.
  •  Connect with fellow FASSET Bursary recipients: Online forums and communities for FASSET scholars can be valuable resources for sharing information and experiences.

Ask if anyone in your field or university can share their monthly allowance details.

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