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Equal Justice Initiative internship

In the heart of Alabama, the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) stands tall against racial and economic injustice. This highly famed freedom-fighting organization is led by lawyer and author Bryan Stevenson.

The EJI provides a lifeline to death row inmates who may have been wrongly convicted or unfairly sentenced. Through fierce legal representation, policy advocacy, and poignant education initiatives like the Legacy Museum, the Equal Justice Initiative challenges the United States past and present injustices, aiming to build a future where equal rights are not a mere dream, but a reality.

The EJI embodies hope, advocating for systemic change and the human dignity of the most vulnerable.

Equal Justice Initiative internship

The Equal Justice Initiative provides internship programs periodically. Their primary goals are likely to be:

Developing future advocates: By providing hands-on experience in legal work, advocacy, and community engagement, EJI can equip the next generation of lawyers, activists, and leaders committed to fighting for racial and economic justice.

Building diverse talent pipelines:  Internships can attract students from historically disadvantaged communities who may not have had equal access to such opportunities before.

As of January 16, 2024, the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) is not offering its Summer Law Student Internship program. They have not hosted the program in 2024 and have not confirmed its reinstatement for future summers. However, there are still ways to connect with EJI and acquire valuable experience:

Volunteer opportunities: EJI welcomes volunteers to help with tasks like event support, research, and administrative duties. This can be a way to learn about their work and contribute to their mission.

Community Engagement: Take part in EJI’s educational programs, like the Community Remembrance Project. You can equally engage with their online resources to learn more about racial injustice and advocate for change in your community.

Stay informed: Subscribe to EJI’s newsletter or follow them on social media to stay updated on their work and potential future internship opportunities. If you’re specifically interested in legal internships focused on criminal justice and racial justice, you can explore other organizations like the Center for Public Integrity, The Sentencing Project, the Equal Justice Center, or the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Go to the EJI website EJI website: for more information.

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