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Easiest Countries To Obtain Student Visa From Nigeria & Ghana 2024

Thinking about studying abroad as a Nigerian? Wondering which countries are easiest to get a student visa for? You’re not alone. This guide will tell you about countries where getting a student visa is relatively simple.

Easiest Countries To Obtain Student Visa From Nigeria & Ghana

Here are some top countries you can apply to:

1. Australia

A lot of Nigerian students choose Australia to study abroad because it’s easier to get a student visa there compared to other countries. Even on popular Nigerian forums like Nairaland, Australia seems to be the top choice for people looking to study overseas.

2. Ireland

Thinking about leaving Nigeria to study abroad? Ireland might be a good option. It’s known for being easy to get a student visa for, unlike some other countries. Plus, the Irish economy is doing well right now, which could mean more job opportunities later.

Here’s the good news: not many Nigerians know about Ireland yet, so you might avoid some crowds. And from what I hear from friends who study there, the people are friendly and focused on their studies.

The best part? You can apply for the visa online and even work part-time while you study. After graduation, you can even stay back and look for a job in Ireland. Sounds good, right?

3. Germany

Unlike some countries, Germany requires international students like yourself from Nigeria to show proof that you can financially support yourself during your studies. This isn’t too complicated – you just need to have a specific amount of money locked away in a bank account.

Many Nigerian students choose Germany because of its excellent universities. Once you have proof of financial stability and confirm your admission to a German college, you’re well on your way to studying in this awesome country.

4. United Kingdom

Many Nigerians dream of studying in the UK, and for good reason. It’s a popular choice with a large Nigerian community and plenty of programs designed to attract international students. This means getting a student visa can be easier compared to other countries.

On top of that, UK universities are renowned for their quality, offering an excellent education. As an international student, you have options to work part-time while studying or even stay back after graduation to pursue permanent residency. Sounds like a great opportunity, right?

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5. Norway

Norwegians tend to be flexible and welcoming towards foreigners, which can create a positive experience for international students. Additionally, the student visa process for Nigerians seems relatively straightforward.

6. Canada

Many Nigerian students choose Canada to study abroad because it’s known for being welcoming to international students. Getting a Canadian student visa is often seen as easier compared to other countries.

On top of that, Canada shares the same language as Nigeria in many regions, making it easier to adjust and communicate. Some universities in Canada may even waive English language tests for admission, depending on your specific situation.

7. Finland

Considering studying abroad but haven’t found the perfect fit? Don’t forget Finland. It’s known for being welcoming to international students with a straightforward visa process.

Finland offers a diverse cultural experience with people who value community. Plus, the flexible visa process and work-friendly environment make it an attractive option.

While Finnish is the official language, you can find jobs even if you don’t speak it initially. And learning Finnish can be a rewarding experience, opening up even more opportunities.

8. New Zealand

Looking for a country where getting a student visa is easy, and you can work while you study? New Zealand might be a perfect fit. Here’s why:

 Compared to some other countries, obtaining a student visa from Nigeria for New Zealand can be relatively straightforward. This allows you to combine your studies with work experience.

 New Zealand’s education system follows a UK-based model, known for its focus on problem-solving skills. You can choose from a variety of programs across different institutions.

Beyond academics, New Zealand offers breathtaking natural landscapes, making it a beautiful place to live and study.

All eight universities in New Zealand are internationally recognized and rank highly in global rankings like QS World Rankings. The NZQA ensures that all institutions accepting international students are reputable.

Here are the top five universities in New Zealand, according to QS World Rankings:

  1. The University of Auckland
  2. The University of Otago
  3. Victoria University of Wellington
  4. The University of Canterbury
  5. Massey University

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