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Does Hawaiian Airlines allow tattoos?

The largest and most established airline in Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines, provides non-stop flights to Hawaii from both domestic and international locations. On January 30, 1929, Inter-Island Airways, the airline that would later become Hawaiian Airlines, was formed.

On October 6, 1929, Inter-Island Airways, a division of Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company, started operations with a Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker and offered quick tourist flights over Oahu.

A month later, on November 11, Sikorsky S-38s were used for the first scheduled trip from Honolulu to Hilo, with stops in between on Molokai and Maui.

Does Hawaiian Airlines allow tattoos?

Employees at corporate headquarters, luggage handlers, and other roles that do not involve direct contact with customers are all permitted to wear non-offensive visible tattoos.

Flight attendants, guest service personnel, and pilots are examples of employees that cannot have tattoos that are clearly visible to clients.

The policy, according to Marissa Villegas, a senior expert on external relations at the airline, takes into account persons who have tattoo-related sensitivities.

According to Villegas, the airline is prepared to make an exception for Hawaiian-cultural personnel who have obvious tattoos.

Overall, she claims that Hawaiian Airlines encourages staff members to present themselves professionally while at work.

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