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Does GPA matter for Google internship?

Technical students are continually encouraged to finish an internship at Google since it is the most widely used search engine in the world and will help them enhance their technological skills. The best part about Google internships is that they provide individuals all across the world chances.

Google offers paid internship opportunities for technical students worldwide, placing a strong focus on programming. The stipend amount varies every year and is often closer to $3000.

Many candidates apply for the Google internship program because it exposes them to the development of open-source software. The intern learns about actual software development techniques while working with a mentor from one of the participating businesses.

Students also get a fantastic stipend that allows them to make the most of their summer break. Along with the aforementioned benefits, students also get a Google certificate they may use on their resumes.

Does GPA matter for Google internship?

No, GPA doesn’t matter for a google internship. Google doesn’t give GPA as part of the requirements.

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