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Do Merck interns get paid?

Merck & Co. was originally established as the American affiliate of Merck Group in 1891. Merck develops and produces medicines, vaccines, biological therapies and animal health products.

It has multiple blockbuster drugs or products each with 2020 revenues including cancer immunotherapy, anti-diabetic medication and vaccines against HPV and chickenpox.

Merck believes that their greatest assets are its people. At Merck, you have a golden opportunity to use your curiosity, digital mastery, empathy—and this company’s incredible commitment to research—to go after something life-changing.

During your time as an intern, Merck will significantly invest in your development, giving you exposure and experience across their business, and preparing you for future leadership. You will also receive coaching from senior leaders, exposure to real manufacturing and business challenges and training from industry-leading scientists and engineers.

In a short amount of time, you will be contributing to significant projects and helping make key decisions that directly impact how they make pharmaceuticals and deliver them to their patients globally.

Merck has a Manufacturing Leadership Development program, IT Emerging Talent Rotation program and MBA program with impact available for undergraduate and graduate students.

Do Merck interns get paid?

Yes! Merck interns do get paid. They receive an estimated total pay of $40 per hour

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