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Cyprus Football Clubs Looking For Players

Cyprus is a great choice for aspiring footballers. Whether you’re just starting or looking for a new challenge, this post will help you navigate the Cypriot football landscape.

While the First Division offers the highest level of competition, it can be tough to break into a starting position. The Second Division is also competitive. Consider starting your journey in the Third Division or STOK Elite Division. These divisions offer valuable playing experience, although the salaries are lower. Local amateur competitions are another option, but progression to a professional club might be slower.

Now, let’s dive into the specific opportunities available. We’ll explore which Cypriot clubs are currently looking for players and the positions they need to fill.

Cyprus Football Clubs Looking For Players

  1. Doxa Katokopias

Doxa Katokopias, known for nurturing both local and international talent, is on the hunt for a rock-solid central defender. Their defense has been leaking goals, and the coach is desperate for a leader to solidify the backline. This is an urgent need, as every game without this player adds pressure. Ideal candidates will possess strong aerial ability, top-notch tackling skills, and excellent game reading. If you have what it takes to be the backbone of their defense, Doxa Katokopias might be your perfect fit.

2. Nea Salamina

Next up is Nea Salamina, a team known for its multicultural blend on the pitch. They’re currently missing a key ingredient in midfield: a creative maestro who can orchestrate attacks with visionary passing. This team needs a spark to convert possession into goals and boost their playoff aspirations. Do you have exceptional ball control, top-notch creativity, and the ability to deliver pinpoint passes? Nea Salamina might be waiting for you!

3. Anorthosis

Anorthosis, where ambition meets talent, is actively searching for a striker. Their goalscoring woes have left the coach yearning for a consistent finisher. The need is pressing, as the team strives to climb the league table. If you’re a player with a killer instinct in front of goal and excellent movement off the ball, Anorthosis could be your next destination.

4. AEL Limassol

Passion fuels the game at AEL Limassol, and they’re on the lookout for a winger to ignite their attack. Their ideal candidate is someone who can stretch opposing defenses and whip in dangerous crosses. The urgency is high, as the team seeks to bolster their attacking options. Do you possess blistering pace, the ability to take on defenders, and a pinpoint cross? AEL Limassol might just be your perfect match.


PAEEK is looking for a central midfielder to be the engine of their team. Their struggles with controlling games and maintaining possession have highlighted this need. The coach is seeking a leader who dictates play, brings stability, and makes smart decisions under pressure. This is an urgent requirement to improve their league position. The ideal candidate will possess excellent ball control, vision, and passing skills. If you’re a player who thrives under pressure and can orchestrate the midfield, PAEEK might be your chance to shine.

6. MEAP Nisou

At MEAP Nisou, football is more than a game; it’s a community. They’re currently searching for two key positions: a striker with a killer instinct and a goalkeeper with a command of the box. The team’s goalscoring and conceding numbers haven’t been ideal, and the coach is looking for solutions. Strikers should possess strong finishing skills, spatial awareness, and agility. Goalkeepers need excellent reflexes, strong communication skills, and the ability to organize the defense. Can you step up and be the difference-maker for MEAP Nisou?

7. Enosis Neon Paralimni

Enosis Neon Paralimni’s unique team spirit is built on a shared passion for football. They’re urgently searching for a goalkeeper to solidify their defense. The coach needs a leader who commands their area with authority and inspires confidence in the backline. Excellent reflexes, communication skills, and the ability to organize the defense are essential qualities for this role. Enosis Neon Paralimni offers the chance to be a hero, making crucial saves and leading the team to success.

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8. Akritas Chlorakas

Akritas Chlorakas embraces diversity on the pitch and is actively looking for a left-back. Their defensive struggles on the left side have prompted the search for a player who can provide both defensive solidity and attacking support. This is an urgent need to improve the team’s overall defensive performance. The ideal candidate will possess strong defensive skills, pace, and the ability to deliver dangerous crosses.

9. Achyronas-Onisilos

Achyronas-Onisilos, where talent meets ambition, needs a winger to inject width and creativity into their attack. Their current performance has exposed a lack of these elements. The management team is looking for a player with speed, dribbling skills, and the ability to deliver accurate crosses. If you’re a fast and creative winger who can provide quality service, Achyronas-Onisilos might be your perfect fit.

10. Ormideia

The fight for survival is on at Ormideia, and they desperately need a central midfielder to take control. Their current struggles highlight the lack of a player who can dictate the pace, distribute effectively, and be the heart of their midfield. This is an urgent need, and the right candidate could turn their season around. Do you possess excellent ball control, vision, and leadership qualities? Ormideia might be your chance to make a difference.

11. ASPIS Pylas

Defense is the priority at ASPIS Pylas, where they’ve conceded too many goals this season. Their search is on for a central defender who can read the game, intercept passes, and lead the backline. Strong tackling skills and aerial dominance are essential qualities for this role. Can you be the rock-solid defender ASPIS Pylas needs?

12. Olympias Lympion

Olympias Lympion needs a dynamic winger to ignite their attack. Their lack of width and creativity on the flanks has been exposed this season. The coach is looking for a player with speed, the ability to take on defenders, and deliver pinpoint crosses. Are you a skilled winger who thrives on creating chances? Olympias Lympion might be the perfect platform to showcase your talent.

13. THOI Lakatamia

THOI Lakatamia welcomes both local and international players, and their current need is a central midfielder. Their midfield struggles have resulted in unnecessary losses. If you’re a player who can control the game with excellent ball control, vision, and communication skills, this could be your opportunity to turn things around. THOI Lakatamia values growth and teamwork, so your abilities could have a significant impact.

14. Orfeas Nicosia

At Orfeas Nicosia, football is about building a family atmosphere. However, their family needs a strong goalkeeper to solidify their defense. Their current lineup has been susceptible to conceding goals, and the coach is seeking a goalkeeper with a commanding presence and excellent shot-stopping abilities. Do you have the reflexes, game-reading skills, and leadership qualities to organize the backline? Orfeas Nicosia might be looking for you.

 Here’s how to take the next step:

  1. Head to the Club Website: Most Cypriot clubs have websites where they announce their latest news, including player recruitment.

  2. Find the Contact Page: Look for a “Contact Us” section, usually located at the bottom of the website footer. This page will provide the club’s contact information, such as email address or phone number.

  3. Prepare Your Application: Craft a professional email expressing your interest in the specific position they’re seeking. Attach your CV (Curriculum Vitae) highlighting your football experience and qualifications. Don’t forget to include a short highlight video showcasing your skills on the pitch.

  4. Follow-up: Be patient and allow the club time to review your application. If you haven’t heard back after a reasonable timeframe (around a week), a polite follow-up email is acceptable.

This guide has explored Cypriot clubs actively seeking talented players across various positions. From defensive anchors to creative midfielders and goal-scoring strikers, there might be a perfect fit for you.

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