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Citadel internship acceptance rate

Hedge fund and financial services provider Citadel LLC is based in the United States. As of May 2022, the company, which Ken Griffin founded, managed more than $50 billion in assets.

For students who are driven and dedicated, an internship at Citadel provides an unequalled opportunity to develop, succeed, and leave their imprint.

hurried job. genuine projects. amazing mentors. a close working relationship with competent coworkers. the potential to immediately influence the top market maker in the world.

You’ll integrate into the intern culture of intense effort and collaboration very soon. You’ll start the program with classmates who have similar backgrounds to your own. Additionally, you’ll collaborate with some of the top brains in your respective professions who are committed to improving you.

College students who enjoy challenges might consider internships. Interns take on real-world issues for our company and develop solutions that are still in use today.

Citadel internship acceptance rate

The Citadel internship is a very competitive one. The acceptance rate for the internship is just 1% of all applicants.

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