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Cisco SWE intern salary

The Cisco SWE internship program is one of the best destinations for software engineering interns.

The experts behind the scenes who make sure all of the company’s applications are user-friendly and error-free are the Cisco software engineers. You’ll create software and tools with attention to detail to support many of our high-impact technological platforms, including operating systems, networks, databases, and more. Even if Cisco is expanding its software division, you’ll still need to look at the broad picture, keep an eye out for hardware compatibility, and even influence design.

On teams like Engineering, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Customer Experience, Security and Trust, etc., the diligent team members of Cisco are hard at work programming magic all around the world.

Next-generation software developments in the cloud, mobile, desktop, and security domains would be greatly aided by interns. You’ll gain practical experience working with programs that make technology usable on any device if you join one of these teams. Create solutions that will change how the firm works, lives, learns, and plays by fusing creativity with design.

Cisco SWE intern salary

At Cisco Systems, the average annual salary for a software engineer intern is $137,058 or $55.00 per hour.

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