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Cisco software engineer intern interview questions

Every year, hundreds of students go through cisco interview questions, too to get accepted into the cisco internship program However students should have good knowledge of networking concepts, computer intelligence and analytical skills.

Cisco is a global technology giant, that is better known for its networking products. The company is in the business of selling various networking hardware, software high technology services and telecommunication equipment.

As you would expect, interning at Cisco is a cherished dream of many software engineers and developers.

If you are preparing for a cisco software engineer internship interview you need not worry, we have got you covered. In this article we will help you discover some of the possible questions you will be asked in the interview and other tips to help you nail the interview.

Cisco software engineer intern interview questions

Here are some possible interview questions for software engineers:

  • What is a connection-oriented and a connectionless transmission in a transport layer?
  • Explain an OSI layer and its responsibility.
  • What are a multidimensional array and a linked list? Explain a scenario in which you can use linked lists and arrays.
  • What is the door between a static and a dynamic route protocol?
  • What is an address resolution protocol (ARP) and how does it work?
  • What makes a stack different from a queue?
  • Explicate the difference between a TCP and UDP with examples.
  • What do you know about the sliding window protocol?
  • Given two queues are positioned on the class board, determine whether they can attack each other or not.

Frequently asked questions in cisco interviews questions 

  • What is the average salary at Cisco?

Based on the research, the average salary of a software engineer at cisco is approximately $136k per year, this includes the average base salary of $117 and a bonus of about $19k.

  • How do you prepare cisco interview?

You need to give yourself at least two months to prepare for the Cisco tech interview. During this time you should brush up on your basics including data structures, system design and algorithms. You can also prepare for behavioural interview questions.

  • What questions are mostly asked in the Cisco interviews?

For a software engineer interview, you should expect questions on data structure, system design, algorithms and behavioural interview questions.


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