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Cisco internship salary

One of the top places for interns to go is Cisco. It offers one of the best internship programs in the world.

The Cisco software engineers are the professionals in the background who ensure that all of the company’s apps are user-friendly and error-free.

To support many of the company’s high-impact technical platforms, such as operating systems, networks, databases, and more, you’ll carefully craft software and tools. You’ll still need to consider the big picture, keep an eye out for hardware compatibility, and even influence design even though Cisco is growing its software branch.

The dedicated team members of Cisco are working tirelessly on teams like Engineering, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Customer Experience, Security and Trust, etc.

Interns would be a huge help in developing next-generation software in the cloud, mobile, desktop, and security domains. If you join one of these teams, you’ll get hands-on experience working with applications that make technology use on any device. Integrate creativity and design to provide solutions that will alter the way the company works, lives, learns, and has fun.

Cisco internship salary

An intern at Cisco Systems can expect to make an average of $137,058 a year, or $55.00 per hour.

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