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CETA Bursary South Africa Allowance 2024/2025

The CETA Bursary South Africa, specifically the Thapelo Madibeng Bursary Scheme, offers financial assistance to some South African students. It is worth noting that the opportunity is for South African students in the construction and built environment fields.

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The programme is tailored for students seeking financial support for their studies. Below are the key details about the CETA Bursary:

What You Need To Know About CETA Bursary South Africa

The CETA Bursary South Africa gives financial support to South African students who pursuing construction and built environment qualifications. The allowance takes care of a comprehensive range of expenses to minimize the financial burden and allow the students to focus on their studies.

It is worth noting that this opportunity is for only South African citizens.

CETA Bursary South Africa Allowance 2024/2025

Below are the list of items that the CETA Bursary South Africa covers:

  • Up to R120,000 annually: This significant amount of money takes care of various crucial expenses throughout the academic year.
  •  Registration fees and tuition fees: The CETA Bursary takes care of the primary academic expenses, making ensuring access to quality education without financial hindrances.
  • Books and study materials: Essential textbooks, course materials, and other learning materials are taken care of by the CETA Bursary. This is to promote effective academic engagement.
  • Accommodation: No matter where a student is residing, the bursary takes care of the accommodation costs, providing a secure and comfortable living environment conducive to studying.
  • Meals: The bursary takes into consideration the significance of proper nutrition for academic success and contributes to meal expenses, ensuring students stay well-fed and energized.

You have to know that the specific bursary amount and coverage may vary depending on the individual’s academic level, field of study, and financial circumstances. However, the purpose of the allowance is to reduce the financial burden on students.

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