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Centurion Ministries Staff

Centurion Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to exonerating the wrongly convicted, boasts a team of passionate individuals driven by a singular mission: justice. Each member plays a crucial role in navigating the complexities of the legal system and supporting those who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

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Centurion Ministries Staff

Below are all the staffs of Centurion Ministries:

1. Leadership and Legal Expertise:

At the helm stands Corey Waldron, the Executive Director, whose vision and strategic guidance steer the organization. Paul Casteleiro, the Legal Director, spearheads the legal arm, ensuring meticulous case preparation and skilled representation in court. Christina François, the Assistant Legal Director, provides invaluable support and assistance in legal matters.

2. Case Development and Investigation:

The backbone of Centurion Ministries lies in its skilled case developers. Trish Traverse, Gene Truncellito, and Kimberly Weston, along with their team, meticulously investigate potential cases, uncover evidence, and prepare compelling narratives for exoneration. Pamela Feig, the Post-release Support Coordinator, ensures a smooth transition back into society for those who have been exonerated, offering support and resources.

3. Research and Analysis:

Dr. Stacey Patton and Dr. Rob Connor, psychologists with expertise in wrongful convictions, provide crucial insights into the psychological impact of wrongful imprisonment and assist in developing effective case strategies. Nafiz Ahmed, the data analyst, utilizes his skills to gather and analyze data, identifying patterns and trends that can aid in exoneration efforts.

4. Financial Management and Administration:

Edwin Pisani, the CPA, safeguards the organization’s financial health, ensuring responsible resource allocation and adherence to fiscal regulations. Richard Miles and James McCloskey, along with the administrative team, provide essential support in day-to-day operations, keeping the organization running smoothly.

5. Volunteers

Centurion Ministries is bolstered by a dedicated network of volunteers, legal professionals, and exonerated individuals who contribute their time, expertise, and lived experiences to the cause. This collaborative spirit strengthens the organization’s efforts and amplifies its impact.

A Shared Commitment:

Each member of the Centurion Ministries team, from the leadership to the volunteers, shares a profound commitment to justice. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering belief in the power of truth make them a formidable force in the fight against wrongful convictions.

This brief overview provides a glimpse into the dedicated team behind Centurion Ministries. Their unwavering commitment to justice and their tireless efforts continue to bring hope and freedom to those who have been wrongfully convicted.

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