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Centurion Ministries Cases

Centurion Ministries, a non-profit organization, stands as a beacon for the falsely accused. Founded by Jim McCloskey and Chris Fabricatore, its mission is to secure exonerations for individuals unjustly convicted of crimes they did not commit.

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Centurion Ministries Cases

Through meticulous investigation, relentless legal advocacy, and unwavering support, Centurion has shed light on numerous wrongful convictions and brought justice to those who desperately needed it.

1. David Bryant:

After spending 38 years in prison for a murder he couldn’t have committed, David Bryant found hope in Centurion’s unwavering dedication. Initially granted a new trial but then retried and sent back, Bryant’s case appeared bleak.

Undeterred, Centurion secured his release and exoneration through a writ of habeas corpus, proving his innocence and restoring his freedom.

2. James Landano:

Wrongfully convicted of murder in New Jersey, James Landano faced a seemingly insurmountable uphill battle. Centurion, however, took on his case and secured his acquittal in a retrial, drawing national attention to the issue of wrongful convictions through Court TV’s coverage.

This landmark victory paved the way for further reform and investigations.

3. John Kogut:

Like Landano, John Kogut found himself wrongly accused of murder in New York. With Centurion’s unwavering support, his acquittal not only brought him justice but also led to the dismissal of charges against two other individuals implicated in the same case, highlighting the potential ripple effects of successful exonerations.

4. Kansas Wrongful Conviction Lawsuit:

Beyond individual cases, Centurion has also tackled systemic issues. In Kansas, their efforts contributed to a $12.5 million settlement for numerous individuals wrongfully convicted based on flawed hair analysis evidence. This landmark settlement stands as a testament to Centurion’s commitment to broader reform and systemic change.

5. Supporting Exonerees:

While securing exoneration is crucial, Centurion recognizes the challenges faced by individuals rebuilding their lives after wrongful convictions. Through support groups, mentorship programs, and counselling services, they empower exonerees to reintegrate into society and reclaim their futures.

These are just a few examples of Centurion Ministries’ impactful work. By championing the cause of the falsely accused, they offer hope and justice where darkness once prevailed.

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Their unwavering dedication serves as a powerful reminder that even in the most challenging cases, truth can ultimately prevail.

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