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Centurion Ministries Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Centurion Ministries plays a crucial role in steering the organization’s vital work towards its mission of supporting individuals wrongfully convicted of crimes.

Composed of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, the Board provides strategic guidance, financial oversight, and unwavering commitment to Centurion’s cause.

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Centurion Ministries Board of Directors

Leading the Board is Chairman Rob Mooney, whose extensive experience in business and finance brings valuable stability and vision. Alongside him, a distinguished group of individuals contributes their unique skills and perspectives.

This includes legal professionals like Charles Crow, Esq., and Kenneth Javerbaum, Esq., whose legal acumen strengthens Centurion’s advocacy efforts. Financial experts like Edwin Pisani, CPA, ensure sound fiscal management, while academics like Rob Connor, PhD, and Jozelyn Davis, PhD, offer valuable research and analytical insights.

Importantly, the Board also includes individuals with firsthand experience of the criminal justice system’s failings. Richard Miles, who spent 15 years wrongfully incarcerated, brings a powerful testament to the importance of Centurion’s work. His presence serves as a constant reminder of the human cost of wrongful convictions and the vital role Centurion plays in the pursuit of justice.

Beyond their strengths, the Board members collectively demonstrate a shared passion for Centurion’s mission. This unity is evident in their commitment to upholding the organization’s core values of integrity, compassion, and unwavering dedication to truth.

Through regular meetings and active engagement, the Board provides strategic direction for Centurion’s initiatives. They oversee fundraising efforts, approve program development, and ensure the organization’s effective operation. Their dedication helps Centurion maintain its position as a leading voice in the fight for justice for the wrongfully convicted.

In conclusion, the Centurion Ministries Board of Directors stands as a pillar of strength and guidance. Their diverse expertise, unwavering commitment, and shared passion for justice are vital to the organization’s ongoing success. As Centurion continues its crucial work, the Board remains ever-present, ensuring that hope and justice prevail for those who have been wrongfully accused

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