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Carter Center internship acceptance rate

The Carter Center, in collaboration with Emory University, is committed to advancing human rights and reducing suffering. It aims to strengthen freedom and democracy, prevent and end war, and advance health.

The Carter Center Internship Program has given more than 2,600 interns a gratifying addition to their academic training for more than 25 years. International interns at the Carter Center contribute significantly to the Center’s activities.

In return, the Center offers an in-depth learning opportunity that gives interns a foundation for exploring their future alternatives and developing professional abilities. The health initiatives of The Carter Center assist millions of the world’s poorest individuals to overcome hopelessness and address gaps in global health.

The Mental Health Program strives to raise awareness of mental health concerns, as well as to lessen stigma and prejudice against those who suffer from mental diseases. The functional area, which collaborates with the staff on peace and health projects, is a crucial component of the Carter Center’s work.

Every internship is located in Atlanta, Georgia. On occasion, interns get the chance to go on trips with employees affiliated with the Center. Example of such trips includes; election observation missions, local and foreign conferences, and training workshops.

Carter Center internship acceptance rate

With the Carter Center Internship program, there is no specified acceptance rate. However, prospective interns are supposed to meet certain criteria to get in.

New graduates, professional students, and candidates who have finished at least 2 academic years are all eligible. For instance, a qualifying applicant from the United States will have completed at least 60 credits toward a bachelor’s degree before the internship begins. No age restriction applies.

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