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Career Wise Bursary South Africa Promo Code

Career Wise Bursary South Africa is a big scholarship opportunity for students who need financial help to pursue their studies. The bursary program is open to students studying or intending to study towards an undergraduate qualification in various fields. The program is open to only South African students.

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This is to say that the program is geographically restricted.

Career Wise Bursary South Africa Promo Code

As of now, there is no general promo code associated with the Career Wise Bursary South Africa platform. However, there are a few things you should know:

  • Promo codes might be specific to individual bursaries: Some bursaries that are offered via Career Wise might have dedicated promo codes or incentives for early applications. These codes would be mentioned alongside the specific bursary details on the Career Wise website or other promotional materials. The promo codes may be seen as incentives or a driving force for patronage.
  • Current Promotion: As of today, December 25th, 2023, a promo code “BOC2023” is giving an R500 discount on the Career Wise Online Career Guidance program. This program enables students with career exploration, CV writing, and interview preparation. However, this is not directly related to bursaries.
    Stay updated for potential future promotions: Career Wise occasionally runs promotions or offers incentives for early applications.

You can stay updated by:

  • Signing up for their newsletter.
  • Following their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Checking their website periodically for announcements.Career Wise Bursary South Africa promo code Career Wise Bursary South Africa promo code

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