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Career Wise Bursary South Africa Opening Date

Career Wise serves as a bursary administration company. It is worth noting that it is not a direct bursary provider. They serve as a bridge between students and companies offering bursaries.

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Career Wise Bursary is responsible for managing various bursaries for undergraduate studies in diverse fields like accounting, engineering, IT, and more. Their work involves handling student applications, matching them with suitable bursaries, and facilitating the funding process.

Benefits of Career Wise Bursary South Africa:

Bursaries typically cover tuition fees, accommodation, and sometimes book allowances. Additional support like mentorship and career guidance may also be provided by individual bursary sponsors.

Eligibility: Varies depending on the specific bursary program. Generally, you need to be a South African citizen, enrolled in or applying for undergraduate studies, and demonstrate academic merit and financial need. Apply through the Career Wise online platform.

Register, complete your profile, and upload the required documents. Use the specific promotional code for the bursary you’re interested in.

Career Wise Bursary South Africa Opening Date

Applications for the 2024 intake have already closed. The next opening date is usually announced around May or June of the previous year. So typically, expect the next application somewhere in May or June 2024.

The application deadline was September 30, 2024. If you have not plied already, you do not need to worry. You have to periodically check their website: []( for more details.

For more detailed information and updates, regularly visit the Career Wise website or sign up for their newsletter.

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