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Berchem Sport Football Club Scholarship 2024/2025

K. Berchem Sport, also called Koninklijk Berchem Sport, is a Belgian football club. Established in 1906, they have experienced both the highs of competing in the top division, where they finished runner-up three times between 1948 and 1951, and the challenges of the lower leagues.

As of now,, they play in the Belgian Second Amateur Division, the fourth tier of Belgian football. The club has proven its resilience in these divisions, having secured the Belgian Second Division five times.

 Trophies Won by Berchem Sport Football Club

Berchem Sport Football Club has a remarkable collection of trophies across various Belgian football leagues. Here’s a summary of their achievements:

  • Belgian Second Division: Champions five times (1933–34, 1942–43, 1961–62, 1971–72, 1985–86)
  • Lower Divisions:
    1. Belgian Second Division final round: Winners (1977–78)
    2. Belgian Third Division: Winners (2002–03)
    3. Belgian Fourth Division: Winners twice (2001–02, 2011–2012)
    4. Belgian Provincial League Antwerp: Winners four times (1909–10, 1910–11, 1912–13, 1913–14)
    5. Belgian Provincial League Antwerp Final Round: Winners (2000–01)

Berchem Sport Foot Club has not won the top-tier Belgian Pro League title. However, they achieved runner-up status three times between 1948 and 1951. The club has also reached the Belgian Cup semi-finals twice (1953–54, 1970–71).

Berchem Sport Football Club Academy

Berchem Sport prioritizes youth development within the club itself, though they have no separate academy structure. This could involve age-specific teams and training programs dedicated to grooming young talent.

Online Application for Berchem Sport Football Club Academy Scholarship

K. Berchem Sport focuses on youth development and there is no information available about a formal academy with a scholarship program. You can contact them via

Entry Requirements for Berchem Sport Football Club Academy Scholarships

Age Requirements: It seems Berchem Sport has age-specific youth teams.

Playing Ability: There will likely be expectations regarding a player’s skill and potential. Attending trials or taking part in their training programs could be part of the assessment process.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Berchem Sport Football Club Academy?

The exact cost of joining the youth development program of Berchem Sport Football Club is not known. You can explore their website for more information.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Join Berchem Sport Football Club Academy

Berchem Sport emphasizes training young talents, but there might not be a formal scholarship academy. Consider exploring their youth program details for age groups and tryout information.

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Reach out to the club directly to learn more about their youth development options.

Improve your football skills, stay physically fit, and show your passion for the sport.

Benefit Of Applying for Berchem Sport Football Club Football Academy Scholarship

A scholarship at Berchem Sport Football Club’s academy provides professional coaching, educational opportunities alongside football training, and a pathway to a professional career.

Training with other young players and seasoned coaches could propel you to perform at a higher level and develop important life skills like teamwork and discipline.

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