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American Express Software Engineer salary

Intelligent thinking and cutting-edge thinking are crucial components of our operation at American Express. Recent graduates are welcomed into an innovative culture and supported on their path to self-discovery with helpful mentorship and learning opportunities along the way.

With offices in more than 110 countries and a network of over 60,000 coworkers, you may work with us to keep our steadfast commitment to our clients and one another every day.

For staff productivity to increase and to reduce burnout, American Express India supports a work-life balance.

To guarantee that their workers are able to pursue their professional ambitions while also finding fulfilment in their personal lives, they try to establish the optimal work-life balance.

Employees are content both inside and outside of the office thanks to a welcoming environment and cutting-edge equipment.

Fresh graduates and interns are welcome at American Express, and the company offers mentorship programs that will help them develop as they obtain practical job experience.

American Express respects the views of its workers and takes them into account when making decisions.

American Express Software Engineer salary

The annual compensation for an American Express software engineer is £46,332. At American Express, software engineers may earn between £30,000 and £74,198 annually.

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