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Al-Watani Football Club Scholarship 2024/2025

Al-Watani Football Club, also called  Purple Crown”, is a team in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Established in 1959, the club has a rich legacy in Saudi football. Their greatest accomplishment came in the 2006-2007 season when they earned promotion to the top-tier Saudi Premier League.

As of now, Al-Watani plays in the Saudi Third Division and working hard to climb back up the league ranks. Their home games are played at King Khalid Sport City Stadium which holds 5,000 spectators.

Trophies Won by Al-Watani Football Club

There is no readily available information on specific trophies won by Al-Watani Football Club. Since they currently compete in the Saudi Third Division, the lowest tier of professional football in Saudi Arabia, they likely have not competed for major trophies. These are reserved for teams in the top divisions.

However, Al-Watani might likely have won regional competitions or lower division titles in their history.

Al-Watani Football Club Academy

Al-Watani Football Club has no dedicated football academy. Football clubs that compete in higher divisions, run academies to develop young talent.

Al-Watani plays in the lower division and does not have the resources for a full-fledged academy. However, they likely have youth development programs for nurturing new talents.

Online Application for Al-Watani Football Club Academy Scholarship

Al-Watani Football Club has no football academy and does not run any scholarship program. Joining their youth development programs will likely be done through scouting and trials.

Entry Requirements for Al-Watani Football Club Academy Scholarships

There are no specific details entry requirements since they run no academy scholarship. The only thing that may be considered is the exceptional talents of the applicants, their age and in some cases, academic achievements.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Al-Watani Football Club Academy?

You will have to contact the football club and make inquiries about how to join their youth teams and how much to pay. Some youth development programs receive monthly or yearly fees from participants.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Join Al-Watani Football Club Academy

To be eligible, demonstrate exceptional talent, be in the required age range and demonstrate exceptional academic record. Some youth development programs accept young players from age 6 to 23.

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Benefit Of Applying for Al-Watani Football Academy Scholarship

There are professional trainers and experienced coaches who nurture young players into professional footballers. Participants have access to top-quality training facilities and also the opportunity to play alongside other talented young players.

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