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Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Scholarship 2024/2025

Al-Bukayriyah Football Club, established in 1962, is a Saudi Arabian club located in Al Bukayriyah, Qassim. This club boasts a rich legacy in Saudi football and recently earned a spot in the country’s second division, the Saudi First Division League. In August 2018, they changed their name from Al-Amal Football Club to Al-Bukayriyah FC.

 Trophies Won by Al-Bukayriyah Football Club

Al-Bukayriyah Football Club, despite its establishment in 1962, does not appear to have won any major trophies based on available online information. There is a likelihood of them winning local or minor tournaments that might not be well-documented online.

However, some sources mention the club as runners-up in the Second Division (likely the past version of the current Saudi First Division) for the 2018-2019 season.

Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Academy

Al-Bukayriyah Football Club does not have a fully-fledged football academy. However, they have youth development programs for nurturing young talents. If you are interested in their youth development program, you can contact them directly.

Online Application for Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Academy Scholarship

Al-Bukayriyah Football Club is not inviting applicants via any online application. They likely recruit young talents through scouting and trials.

Entry Requirements for Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Academy Scholarships

Generally, age, academic excellence and exceptional talent are the main requirements for most youth development programs and football academy scholarships.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Academy?

The club has not mentioned any specific amount of money as the entry fee for joining Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Academy. Aspirants who want to join their youth development programs should contact the club directly.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Join Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Academy

Eligibility criteria often include age, strong academic record and exceptional talent. There is an emphasis on academic records. This will enable young talents to explore other options if a football career is not successful.

Benefit Of Applying for Al-Bukayriyah Football Club Football Academy Scholarship

Beneficiaries will have access to top-quality training facilities. There are seasoned and experienced coaches who nurture these young players to become professionals. You will also have the opportunity to play alongside other talented young players.

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