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7 Strong Reasons Why Men Cheat

Here are some 7 strong reasons why men cheat while in a relationship.

Have you ever wondered why men cheat in a relationship? You all can agree with me that cheating is part of most relationships — be it in a lesbian, gay or straight relationship. The question is why would someone cheat on another person that they claim they love so much?

It is also true that both men and women cheat in relationships. However, in this article, our focus shall be on men. We shall look at 7 strong reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

According to Shane Birkel a licensed marriage and family therapist, he stated that cheating in a relationship “is likely more due to the way men and women are socialized than any innate differences between them. Looking at our society today, men are considered to cheat more than women, here are some reasons why men do cheat;

1. Means to end a Relationship / Opting out of Relationship:

Not all men are bold enough to end a relationship and this pushes them to use a different means which is cheating. Sometimes, when a man is tired of his relationship with his partner and wants to end such a relationship, the first step he takes is cheating.

According to a relationship therapist, men are less likely to have difficult conversations with their partners about their own needs and the relationship so if they are looking for a way out, they see cheating as a means to end everything since no woman in her right senses would love to be with a man who cheats. This makes the woman feel unwanted and unimportant. Hence, in the long run, she will be the one to opt out of the relationship.

2. Means of taking revenge:

Taking revenge or getting back at each other is a common thing but that depends on how we do it. When a misunderstanding occurs between couples, some are not able to handle it in the right way, not necessarily that the partner engaged in sexual activity but rather did something to upset them.

According to the relationship therapist, some people act out and cheat out of anger, jealousy, or a desire for revenge. This is another reason why men cheat.

3. Struggle with Substance abuse:

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The substance has much impact on our behaviours as an individual. When one is high on a substance, immoral behaviours become easy for such a person, and the action is taken with no second thought.

In relationships, cheating can occur when one partner is dealing with a substance abuse problem. When one becomes more addicted to some prescriptions like painkillers after surgery, it can create an immature version of such a person is likely to expose.

4. Unstable Mental Health:

Depression is very common and a very dangerous thing. When one becomes depressed, different things or acts begin to pop- up in the mind and it’s carried into action. According to a relationship therapist, depression and anxiety can also increase that impulse-driven behaviour, because, if depression and anxiety are intense, it can really exacerbate the need to get relief, and getting relief can often come in the form of someone really attractive outside the relationship.

This is not excluded from getting involved in cheating.

5. Distance:

Distance has always become an issue in every relationship as some couples can cope while others find it very difficult to be separated from their partners. Cheating comes in most distance relationships when the other person feels disconnected from the partner.

Looking at society, despite what gender norms may tell us about men, cheating doesn’t always happen for purely physical reasons. It mostly happens if they are feeling unseen or disconnected from their partner.

Mostly at times, when a man gets support and compassion from another woman in his life, the edge for more connections begins and is mostly emotional, this act can lead to a more than friend relationship or friend with benefits even though they mostly start with friendship.

6. Insecurities and Seek of Validation:

Most time, when insecurity becomes too much in a relationship cheating comes in. This is especially true if they are not getting validation in their relationship. According to some experts, people cheat on their partners to look for external validation if they feel more attractive to their partners.

Also, most people consider cheating in other to prove that they are still sexually potent and capable. A relationship expert says that sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction can also drive someone to “look for someone newer and more exciting to prove to themselves that they are still sexually potent and capable”.

7. Emotionally immaturity:

Emotional immaturity is key in every human aspect of life. Looking at our society, women are more emotionally mature compared to men. This is why most men cheat because they are not emotionally mature.

According to relationship expectations, men are taught not to talk about their emotions so by the time they have an affair, there is already been a long period when there have been issues, and they could not talk about those feelings.

Men often come down and engage in cheating because they lack self-control when they find themselves in a situation, poor judgment mostly when they are suspect or see their partner with another gender or someone else.

Above are the 7 strong reasons why men cheat.

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