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6 Magical Places To Spend Christmas

As the Christmas season draws nearer and nearer, you may be wondering where to spend your Christmas so, here are some 6 amazing places to spend your Christmas to the best of fun.

1. Bethlehem, West Bank – Palestine:

The first place on our list is Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine. To make your Christmas a spiritual one, you can join hundreds of tourists to visit the birthplace of Christ.

In Bethlehem, you would have the chance to join dozens of Christians attending a spectacular Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity or even visit the grotto where legend has it that Jesus was born.

This according to tourists is one of the best ever moments they have had. Tourists and believers who visit this scene are offered the opportunity to walk on the same path that Joseph and Mary were believed to have walked on 2,000 years back.

You would also stand the chance to visit Shepard’s Fields, where the angel Gabriel is said to have alerted local shepherds to the birth of Jesus. You would also see a lot of decorations spanning from lightenings, candle parades, and public parties just to mention a few.

To make things clear, Bethlehem isn’t always safe as there are a lot of dangers in the city except you are under direct government protection. Notwithstanding, things there aren’t that bad when you are on a high alert.

2. Tallinn – Estonia:

A few people know of Tallinn, Estonia where there are a lot of magical venues. The medieval town itself will offer you a perfect moment to take a walk along cobblestone streets under the soft glow of nighttime lanterns.

In 1441, Tallinn was where the first Christmas tree was erected – an achievement that is given a massive celebration each year in the middle of Town Hall Square.

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Local vendors under trees sell dozens of hearts just within the city’s respected Christmas market. You would also get the chance to meet Santa and his reindeer. Also, there is a huge availability of freshly baked goods, snow sculptures, and an ice rink alongside other interesting foods.

In addition, Tallinn hosts Christmas Jazz festivals which bill interesting artists from across the world to venues to perform.

Gingerbread Mania would make your final stay memorable because hundreds of artists show off their creations which are all made from gingerbread cookies.

3. Strasbourg – France:

Strasbourg is mostly known as ‘The Capital of Christmas’ (Capital de Noël). The title isn’t given to them in vain, not at all.

There is a lot of tree lightening about 30 meters tall minimum. Also, you will find different Christmas markets among the city’s twinkling 14th-century architecture, cobblestone streets, and canals.

The oldest Christmas market founded in 1570 known as ‘Christkindelsmärik’ is also found here. You would have the most fun hearing church bells ring while sipping wine or coffee anywhere in the city.

4. Vienna – Austria:

Catching a live performance of the Vienna Boys Choir during Christmas Mass at the Hofburgkapelle (Hofburg Chapel) is one of the best moments every Christmas celebrant must experience.

Vienna also offers a variety of International Christmas choirs during the Christmas holiday season.

The city during this time is filled with a lot of lightning which makes it dope. You can also browse the booths of over 140 vendors at the Viennese Christmas Market. To make it more fun, there are amazing different kinds of gifts you can get for yourself and your loved ones.

5. Vatican City – Rome, Italy:

No one gets surprised realizing how the centre of Catholicism offers the best and most amazing Christmas season on planet Earth. December in the Vatican which is the central part of Rome would leave you wanting to stay forever.

Ranging from the beautification of the city with Christmas trees, including the massive trees erected in St. Peter’s Square, Piazza Venezia, and next to the Coliseum, comes amazing Christmas songs on the streets.

Rome, Vatican city

The street sellers also offer roasted chestnuts for sale to thousands of celebrants who storm the city to have a feel of their Christmas atmosphere.

The Christmas season’s biggest draw which is a midnight mass at St. Peter’s Basilica is also one to remember. With that, you’ll have to buy tickets for several months in advance if you plan to attend.

Alternatively, you can also attend an incredible midnight mass inside the nearly 2,000-year-old walls of the Pantheon – Isn’t that amazing?

6. Rovaniemi, Lapland – Finland:

This venue is best for families. If you seek to have a memorable time with your kids, look no further. Rovaniemi is more base for Santa than the North Pole.

Over here, you have the chance to enjoy a husky-drawn sledge ride or a skimobile trip to see the Northern Lights.


Also, the locals are ready to teach you how to bake cookies when you visit their woodland Christmas village or meet Santa live and in person when you visit his office. You may also meet a reindeer among other interesting people.

When you want to have a full feel of the ice, you can book a room at the city’s famous Arctic Hotel which is made completely of ice. Should you get tired and feel sick out of the cold, don’t worry; they also offer hot tubs and saunas when you need a break from the cold.

Any venue you choose from among the 6 lists, you would have the best of fun.

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