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21 Side Hustles That Pay Weekly

If you want to make some extra money, there are ways to do it outside of your regular job. These side jobs can bring in cash every week, whether you’re looking to begin an online business or try freelance work part-time.

Even if you already have a full-time job, doing a side job can help you earn more money by offering your skills or services. It can also be a way to turn your hobbies into money or gain new skills related to your job.

Starting a side job can be a good way to increase how much you earn. Here are some of the best side jobs that pay weekly, letting you earn more money, learn new things, and make good use of your free time.

Here are 21 jobs you can do on the side and get paid every week:

  • 1. Writing for hire
  • 2. Checking written work
  • 3. Bringing groceries or food to people
  • 4. Managing social media
  • 5. Changing spoken words to written words
  • 6. Helping out virtually
  • 7. Writing a blog
  • 8. Taking dogs for walks
  • 9. Investing in property
  • 10. Watching pets
  • 11. Driving for a ride service
  • 12. Renting out an extra room
  • 13. Testing websites or apps
  • 14. Investing in company shares
  • 15. Becoming someone who influences others
  • 16. Starting a small company
  • 17. Answering survey questions
  • 18. Designing things for hire
  • 19. Taking care of kids
  • 20. Teaching online
  • 21. Inputting information


In every business, there’s writing involved. As a freelance writer, your job is to create content for companies that don’t have the time or skills to do it themselves. You can specialize in different types of writing, like website content, newsletters, social media posts, ads, and more. You might also focus on specific fields like fitness or finance.

Getting freelance writing jobs isn’t as hard as you might imagine. You can advertise your services on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Another way is to directly contact businesses you want to work with, which is called cold-pitching.


Every writer needs an editor. As a proofreader, your job is to check what someone has written and give feedback and corrections. This is super helpful for writers who don’t have time to edit their own work or for business owners who aren’t confident in their writing skills.

Just like freelance writers, proofreaders are in demand from a variety of clients. You might work with freelance writers, journalists, or authors who publish their own work. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Reedsy are great for offering proofreading services and finding people who need your help.


Delivering groceries or food is a good way to make extra money if you have a car. Especially since the pandemic, lots of folks have been using services like Doordash, Uber Eats, and Instacart to get their food brought right to their door. It’s not just a good way to earn money, but it also pays more often than some other jobs.

Starting to do food deliveries is simple. Most delivery apps just need you to be 18 or older and have a reliable way to pick up and drop off orders. Once you sign up and they check these things, you can usually start delivering.


Some people are really good at social media – and that’s a super valuable skill. If you’re great at planning posts, writing captions, and making content for social media, you could work as a social media manager.

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Social media managers handle creating content, running online ads, and interacting with people on a person or business’s social media pages. Social media is crucial for companies to advertise what they offer, talk to customers, and reach their business targets. Since many small business owners are short on time, they often pay someone who’s good at social media to handle their accounts.


Can you type really fast? Transcribing could be a way for you to make money online each week. Transcription jobs involve turning spoken audio or video into written scripts that are easy to read. You can find these jobs in different fields like journalism, TV, gaming, and medicine.

How much you earn from transcribing depends on the industry, your skills, how quickly and accurately you work. The more you practice and learn, the more you can make. You can find transcribing jobs on websites like BabbleType, TranscribeMe, and Rev.


More folks are getting into online business, and they need help with the technical and admin side of things. That’s where virtual assistants come in. They handle stuff like managing schedules, keeping track of money, and planning social media for companies.

Being a virtual assistant means handling lots of different tasks. The job can be pretty flexible. You’re basically taking care of parts of a business that the owner can’t manage alone because of time or know-how. So, being super organized is a must for this role.

You can find these jobs in different ways. You can ask people you know if they need help with their business (that’s called warm-pitching), or you can reach out to new businesses (cold-pitching). Also, job sites like LinkedIn or UpWork have postings for virtual assistant jobs.


If you want to make some extra cash, blogging can be a great idea. You might know about famous bloggers like Neil Patel and Vani Hari who make a lot of money. But you don’t have to blog full-time to earn extra money each week.

If you like writing and you’re really into a certain topic, you’ve got what it takes to be a blogger. Blogging isn’t like applying for a regular job. You just need to get a website, pick a name for it, and start writing posts. Later on, you can add ads to your site using Adsense. And as your blog gets popular, you can work with other bloggers and plan more content. When it comes to blogging, there’s no limit to what you can do.


Want some company during your walks? Dog walking is an easy and surprisingly good way to earn extra money. Many folks who work in offices and have pets know it’s tough to work all day and still make sure their furry friend gets enough exercise and care. Dog walkers are a big help for those who want their pups to get their walks while they’re at work.


Real estate investing is a great way to make money without spending lots of extra time. You don’t always need to buy a whole property to get into it. In fact, you can start with as little as $10.

Want to start right away? Two popular ways to invest in real estate and start making money are real estate investment trusts (REITs) and crowdfunding. With REITs, you can buy bits of many real estate assets managed by pros. Crowdfunding lets you join with other small investors to support bigger projects. Both of these ways can bring you returns every week without needing a ton of work.


Many folks need someone they can trust to take care of their pets when they’re not around. If you adore animals and enjoy spending time with dogs or cats, pet sitting can be a great way to earn some extra money.

Similar to babysitting, people want someone reliable to look after their beloved pets, not just a random stranger from a website. They often prefer using a trusted agency or source to find a pet sitter. You can also ask friends or people in your community if they need a pet sitter. But the real joy might come from the happy tails wagging or content purrs, not just the money you earn each week.


If you’ve got a car and don’t mind giving folks rides, think about driving for Uber, Lyft, or a similar service. Almost everyone’s got a rideshare app on their phone these days because they need rides to places like the doctor’s, restaurants, and more. Giving people rides can easily make you a few hundred bucks each week.

The cool thing about this job is that you get to decide when you work. You can pick your own schedule and drive when it’s busy, like on Friday or Saturday nights. Some apps, like Lyft, pay their drivers weekly, and you can even get your earnings right away with their Express Pay program.


Got a room sitting empty in your house? You might think about renting it out. Airbnb is a famous platform where travelers can find rooms or guest spaces. If you’re okay with having strangers stay in your home, it’s an easy way to make more money each week and month.

If having strangers stay over isn’t your thing, that’s okay. You can still make money from your spare room without having people sleep there. You can offer the space as storage using apps like Neighbor Storage. It’s a less intrusive way to earn from your spare room.


All websites need checking before they launch to make sure they work well for users. If you’re good at figuring out websites, you can earn some good money testing them.

As a website tester, your job is to tell website owners what you think about their site’s design, how easy it is to use, and more. Testers usually use a screen recorder and microphone to share their thoughts as they go through a site. The main goal is to find any issues and give feedback about the website.

To start testing websites, you can use sites like UserFeel and UserTesting. They’re popular places to find testing jobs and pay around $10 per test.


If you asked the richest folks how to make money, they might say: “Invest in stocks.” Nowadays, investing in stocks is easier because of apps from brokerage firms. You can make money each week depending on how the stock market does, and you’ll make this money without doing much.

You don’t need heaps of cash to start. Apps like Robinhood, Public, and Acorns let you start with just $1. You open an account, put in money from your bank, buy the stocks you want, and see how your investments grow.


Influencers, whether you like them or not, know that having lots of social media followers can bring in extra money. But you don’t need a million followers to make cash. Some influencers earn money with just 1,000 followers.

They make money through something called affiliate marketing. It’s when a brand gives you a cut of the sales you help make. They can track this using special codes or cookies that show a shopper came from your social media link.

Want to start? You can create a special store on Amazon and earn money when people buy things from your profile. Just make sure to put the link in your bio!


Got a business idea in mind or want to make money from your hobby? Starting a small business could be your path to bigger success.

It might sound simple, but starting a business can be tricky. But you can start small using websites like eBay and Etsy. If you’ve got something to sell or offer, make a profile on these sites and start telling people about your business.

Sites like Etsy are great because once you start making sales, you get more attention on the site. If you get too big for the platform, you can always leave and make your own website. The main thing is taking that first step.


Sometimes, all you want is to chill on the couch and watch TV. Well, there’s a way to earn while you do that. Survey sites let you earn money and gift cards by sharing your opinions in online surveys. So, you can binge-watch your favorite shows and earn extra money at the same time.

These sites work because companies pay them to get opinions from people like you. Sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks use some of that money to pay people who take the surveys. If you spend a bit of time each night answering surveys, you might be surprised how much you can earn without too much effort.


Got an eye for design and know your way around InDesign? Being a freelance graphic designer is a great way to make money every week.

As a freelancer in graphic design, you help businesses make things look good on their websites, ads, social media, and more. Knowing design principles and tools is really valuable, and businesses are ready to pay well for skilled designers.

Like other freelance jobs, there are different ways to find graphic design work. You can ask people you know or local businesses if they need your skills. You can also look on freelancer job websites like Upwork and Fiverr for jobs to apply to.


Babysitting might be a first job for many, but it’s also a great way for adults to earn money each week. Parents really need responsible people to look after their kids. Offering childcare services, like babysitting or nannying, is a good way to make extra cash and help out parents who could use a hand.

Chances are, you know parents with young kids who could use a babysitter. Just ask around and see if anyone needs help. You might be surprised how many would be happy to have your help. You can also check local job listings on sites like Indeed or


Even if you’re not a teacher, you can make extra money each week by tutoring students online. There are always students and parents looking for help in different subjects. Being an online tutor can be a really fulfilling side job.

There are many websites that hire tutors for different subjects. If you like regular academic tutoring, you can apply for jobs on sites like Chegg or Skooli. You can also teach English to non-English speakers around the world. For instance, Cambly pays about $10 an hour, and you don’t need teaching experience to start.


Keeping accurate records and databases is crucial for companies. If you’re good at typing and paying attention to details, you can work as a data entry clerk. Companies often get help from outside for data entry because it takes a lot of time and can be boring. But it can also be a simple way for people to make extra money every week.

These jobs are good for those who type well and can work fast. Often, they let you work from home, so you don’t have to go anywhere. You can find data entry jobs on websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Freelancer, or Upwork.

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