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11 Ways To Make Money From Book Reading

Are books your favorite pastime? Ever thought about making money while doing what you love? Well, we love reading too and found some awesome ways to earn from it. Want to know how to get paid to read books? Keep reading!

Let’s break down ways to make money from reading books, shall we?

1. Join BookTok:

Ever heard of BookTok? It’s a space on TikTok where book lovers share their favorite reads. You can jump in, share book reviews, and create a cool online brand. It might not bring in much money at first, but as your followers grow, opportunities for sponsored content and earnings increase. The key? Keep your recommendations honest and real to maintain trust.

How to start BookTok: Make a TikTok account dedicated to books, follow other BookTokers, and get the vibe of what works. Post content about trending books but add your unique style. Use hashtags like #BookTok to reach your audience. Some hot books on BookTok right now are ‘The Atlas Six,’ ‘It Ends with Us,’ and ‘The Song of Achilles.’

2. Write Book Reviews as a Freelancer:

If you enjoy both books and writing, freelancing as a book reviewer could be your thing. It might be tough at first, but sharing examples of your work can help. Pitch to newspapers or magazines that match your book taste. You can also try sites like Reedsy Discovery, where readers can tip you based on your reviews.

3. Start a Book Blog:

Blogs offer freedom of expression and potential income. It takes time to make money, but with growth, it’s possible. Affiliate marketing—where you recommend a book or service and earn a commission from purchases—can be a good source of income. Advertising and paid guest posts on your blog can also bring in money.

4. Run a Book Club:

Book clubs are not just for great discussions; they can bring in some cash too! Whether online or in-person, you can charge a small fee for membership. To keep it successful, make sure the club is well organized and engaging. Highlight any relevant expertise you have, like studying English Literature, to attract members. You can also host author events to spice things up.

All these methods offer different paths to turn your book love into a money-making gig. They might take time to yield substantial income, but with dedication and a love for reading, they can be fulfilling and profitable.

Sure, I can simplify this information for you.

5. Proofreading for Authors:

If you enjoy reading books, why not earn money by proofreading for authors? You can start this while still in university. On sites like Fiverr, beginner proofreaders can charge as low as £4.10 for checking a small text piece. As you gain experience and handle book editing, you could charge £600 or more.

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To do this job well, you need excellent attention to detail and a good understanding of spelling and grammar. Meeting deadlines is crucial, so being a fast reader can be a big help.

Are you new to freelancing? Check out our beginner’s guide to freelancing for help.

6. Starting a Book Podcast:

Start a podcast talking about books and stories. You might earn money through advertising and sponsorships once your podcast gains traction. It takes time and effort to make your podcast successful, but it can pay off in the long run.

Successful podcasts can earn around £15 or more per 1,000 downloads through advertising. But starting a podcast might require some initial costs, such as buying recording equipment or renting a studio.

When beginning, you could record episodes using your phone to save money. Later, as your audience grows, you can invest in better equipment. For more tips, check out our guide on making money from a podcast.

7. Getting Paid to Narrate Audiobooks:

If talking about books isn’t enough, you can earn money by narrating audiobooks. It’s similar to voice acting. Having relevant experience helps, such as studying drama, working in student radio, or volunteering as a book reader.

Auditioning to narrate audiobooks via the ACX website is a good way to start. Audiobooks produced through this site are sold to platforms like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Your earnings from narrating audiobooks will vary, depending on your agreement with the book’s author. You might receive a one-time payment or a share of the book’s royalties.

8. Become a Book Editor:

If you love reading and want to earn money, being a book editor could be a good fit. Book editors don’t just find typos; they also help shape how a book turns out.

To work at a publishing house as an editor, you usually need a college degree, like in English Literature. In the UK, editors make around £38,000 on average.

9. Work as a Literary Agent:

Literary agents help writers succeed. They find talented authors and help them throughout their writing journey. Their job involves reading and editing manuscripts and making deals with publishers.

This job is full-time and is perfect for people who love reading and know what makes a book successful. Having a degree in English Literature can be beneficial. In the UK, agents earn about £32,000 on average.

10. Design Book Covers:

If you’re into both reading and art, designing book covers might interest you. You can do this as a freelance job while in university or as a full-time career.

To find freelance work, you can use sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Your earnings will depend on your skill and the time needed for projects. Checking what other designers charge can help you set your prices.

You could also work for publishing houses as a designer if you want this as a full-time job.

11. Translate Books:

If you’re good with languages, translating books could be a rewarding career. It’s not just about changing words; it involves keeping the writing style while fitting the new language’s rules.

Translators face tough decisions when words don’t directly translate. Sometimes, they leave words from the original language if they think readers will understand, or find similar words in the new language.

Having a degree in a second language can be useful. Translators generally earn around £100+ per thousand words, but it can change based on contracts.

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