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11 Best Dropshipping Suppliers & How To Choose The Right One

Picking the right suppliers is super important for any dropshipping business. It can be a bit overwhelming with all the things to think about. Even if you know what you want to sell, finding good suppliers is crucial for your business to do well.

That’s why we made this article. We’re giving you a list of the best dropshipping suppliers and tips on how to choose the right one for you. We’ll also talk about the difference between dropshipping vendors and wholesale suppliers and point out some things to be careful about when looking for suppliers.

Why are suppliers so important?

Suppliers are like the backbone of a dropshipping business. Without them, you don’t have stuff to sell. It’s not just about having products; it’s about finding suppliers that fit what you want to do.

Good suppliers are known for being:

  • Efficient: They make things easy and deliver quickly, making customers happy and coming back for more.
  • Reliable: They always have enough stock, so you don’t miss out on orders and disappoint customers.
  • Quality control: They make sure everything they sell is top-notch, meeting or going beyond what customers expect.

Dropshipping Vendors Vrs Dropshipping Wholesalers

Before you start looking for suppliers, it’s good to know the difference between vendors and wholesalers.

Dropshipping vendors focus on specific types of products. They often show their stuff on dropshipping platforms and might cost a bit more per item. If you’re into unique products, these vendors are great.

Dropshipping wholesalers sell things in bulk at lower prices. Teaming up with them lets you offer good prices to your customers. Wholesalers usually have their websites, but they might also use different platforms to share their dropshipping services.

Who Are The Best Dropshipping Vendors?

1. AliExpress

   – Location: China

   – What they do: They connect online stores with lots of different suppliers, making it easy for you to find products to sell.

   – Shipping: They ship to 220 countries, including the US. It takes 15-45 business days for standard shipping and 7-15 days for premium shipping.

   – Products: They have over 100 million products, like pet supplies, jewelry, electronics, and more.

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   – Best for: Anyone, from new to experienced sellers, looking for products, trends, and wholesale orders.

2. Alibaba

   – Location: China

   – What they do: They connect buyers directly with manufacturers. You can negotiate prices and even create custom products.

   – Shipping: They ship to most countries, and it can take up to six weeks.

   – Products: They have over 2.8 million suppliers with products in more than 5,900 categories.

   – Best for: Experienced sellers looking for private label manufacturing, bulk orders, and distribution-level sales.

3. Worldwide Brands

   – Location: US

   – What they do: They are a reputable supplier directory with strict criteria for their suppliers.

   – Shipping: Depends on the supplier you choose.

   – Products: They have over 16 million certified wholesale products in various categories.

   – Best for: Those who prioritize quality and legitimacy in their wholesale choices.

4. SaleHoo

   – Location: New Zealand

   – What they do: They have a directory of over 8,000 dropshipping wholesalers, mainly for Amazon and eBay sellers.

   – Shipping: To the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

   – Products: Sourced from AliExpress, with pre-vetted providers in profitable niches.

   – Best for:*Merchants seeking membership with potential discounts, especially on eBay and Amazon.

5. Doba

   – Location: US

   – What they do: They integrate with 165 suppliers, providing a centralized ordering experience.

   – Shipping: Most countries, and the duration depends on the chosen supplier.

   – Products: Over two million diverse products.

   – Best for: Those looking to narrow down their supplier list and prefer convenience.

6. Sunrise Wholesale

   – Location: US

   – What they do: They are great for US dropshippers, offering over 10,000 products and useful tools for sourcing.

   – Shipping: US and Canada, with an average duration of one to two days.

   – Products: Diverse, from home essentials to electronics.

   – Best for: US and Canada merchants prioritizing swift shipping.

7. Megagoods

   – Location: US

   – What they do: They focus on consumer electronics, offering dropshipping without minimum purchase requirements.

   – Shipping: Worldwide, duration varies.

   – Products: Predominantly consumer electronics.

   – Best for: Businesses dealing in electronics with a global reach.

8. Wholesale2b

   – Location: US

   – What they do: They streamline inventory management for Shopify stores, offering dropship-ready products.

   – Shipping: Canada and US, durations vary.

   – Products: Comprehensive, covering various categories.

   – Best for: North American dropshippers focusing on rapid shipping.

9. Modalyst

   – Location: US

   – What they do: An automated dropshipping app for Shopify, known for offering products from high-end brands.

   – Shipping: US, UK, Australia, and more than 80 countries, excluding South America and Africa.

   – Products: Varied, focusing on luxury and trendy brands.

   – Best for: Shopify store owners looking for unique, branded, or high-ticket items.

10. Auchan

    – Location: France

    – What they do: A dropshipping app for online stores dealing in French products, offering a diverse range.

    – Shipping: Most countries globally, duration varies.

    – Products: Diverse, 100% made in France.

    – Best for: Entrepreneurs seeking genuine French products.

11. Dropshipman

    – Location: Hong Kong

    – What they do: An all-in-one dropshipping supplier with over 10 million products.

    – Shipping: Worldwide, duration varies.

    – Products:Covers most dropshipping niches.

    – Best for: Beginner dropshippers or store owners with limited time.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

1. Research: Look into different suppliers and their products.

2. Contact Suppliers: Ask questions and build a relationship with them.

3. Check Technology: See if they have helpful tools for your business.

4. Order Samples: Test their service and product quality.

5. Order from Competition: Learn from others who use the same suppliers.

6. Shortlist Suppliers: Pick the ones that fit your needs and audience.

Avoid Suppliers With:

1. Ongoing Fees: Avoid suppliers asking for monthly fees.

2. High Pre-order Fees: Be cautious of high fees before ordering.

3. Minimum Order Issues: Some suppliers may have high minimum order requirements.

  Benefits of Using Multiple Suppliers

1. More Product Options: Access a wider variety of products.

2. Build More Relationships: Grow relationships with different suppliers.

3. Private Labeling: Potential for custom labeling.

4. Better Quality Control: Compare and choose suppliers with better product quality.

5. Enhance Customer Experience: Understand and improve the customer experience.

Finding the right dropshipping suppliers takes time, but it’s crucial for a successful business. Do thorough research, ask questions, and test before committing. Good luck!

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